Before Arrival

Meticulous planning and pre-arrival preparation are very important factors in the successful and stress-free settlement in Canada.

The Citizenship and Immigration department of the Canadian government (CIC - Citizenship and Immigration Canada) has prepared a wealth of resources for the future and recent newcomers to the country.

- Living in Canada tool, developed by CIC, allows you to create a personalised checklist, depending on your immigration status. After you answer a series of questions, you will have a personalised plan drawn up for you, with links to relevant resources for further information.

- A very comprehensive Welcome to Canada. What You Should Know guide has been created by CIC, and is available for download in PDF (9 MB) or EPUB (6 MB) format. 

- A similar comprehensive guide, but focused specifically on New Brunswick, has been developed by the Government of New Brunswick, and is available for download in PDF (2.5 Mb) format: Orientation Guide for Newcomers to New Brunswick.

Both guides cover in great detail all the relevant aspects of life in Canada and in New Brunswick. We strongly recommend that you study them carefully, and follow the advice that they provide.

In general, we suggest that you gather as much information as possible in advance of your move to Canada, and make some preparatory practical research too. For example, you could analyse various banking options, mobile telephone plans, accommodation options, paperwork requirements etc. beforehand. This would save you time and make you more prepared to making various practical decisions on arrival.

Once you know your travel details, it might make sense to book an appointment with our settlement support staff, so that you visit us shortly upon arrival.

For settlement advice in English please get in touch with Lina Gharbiya (, tel. 506.642.7265). 

For francophone assistance please contact Emmanuelle Wingfield (, tel. 506.642.1219) or Guy Verna (, tel. 506.642.6464).

Enjoy your preparations, have a safe journey, and see you in Saint John soon!

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