Employment Programs at SJNC

Employment Programs at SJNC

Profiling Employability Skills

A program to profile the employable skills of newcomers.

If interested, please contact Leonardo Gamarano by email: leonardo.gamarano@sjnewcomers.ca


Skills for the Canadian Workplace

A program that provides newcomers with the tools and resources to gain soft skills, communication expertise, multicultural awareness, and more!    

If interested, please contact Olga Tyshchenko by email: olga.tyshchenko@sjnewcomers.ca


Skill Up for Success

A training program to help international students gain essential skills needed to succeed in the Canadian labour market. It is a collaboration between UNB and The Saint John Newcomers Centre.

If interested, please contact Samah El Maghlawy by email: samah.elmaghlawy@sjnewcomers.ca


Head Start

Head Start to Employment is our brand-new suite of services that creates clear pathways to meaningful employment in our newcomer community.

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If interested, please contact Tavia Han by email: tavia.han@sjnewcomers.ca


In partnership with ACOA, PETL and Working NB, we will provide the following essential services:

 Pre-Arrival Employment Services

  • Navigation and awareness of provincial employment services
  • Support in pathways to International Qualification Recognition (IQR)
  • Engaging employers to ensure they can attract, hire and retain globally competitive talent 

For more information please contact Samah El Maghlawy by email: samah.elmaghlawy@sjnewcomers.ca




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