Exploratory Visits

At this time we are recommending you to review the following information before booking your Exploratory Visit, click here

We host exploratory visits for business owners and both anglophone and francophone immigrants who are planning on moving to New Brunswick. Contact us before you arrive in the province so we can help plan your visit and refer you to the right people and organizations.

The Saint John Newcomers Centre is the first step for all exploratory visitors to the Greater Saint John area. Let us know about your arrival in advance, so we can create a schedule that will help you make the most of your visit and time. We will align meetings with City Council, Economic Development Greater Saint John, the Mentoring Program for Immigrant Entrepreneurs, and other relevant organizations specific to you for a complete overview of the life and business activities in Saint John. 

Business Owners: Are you planning to immigrate through the NBPNP Entrepreneurial Stream? Then you will need to plan an exploratory visit to Greater Saint John, before moving and setting up your business.

Exploratory visits will help you familiarize yourself with the province, its people, understand local markets, business context, and help you choose the optimal strategy for your future investment into New Brunswick, Canada.

Anglophone and Francophone Immigrants: Are you planning to arrive in New Brunswick under the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream and need to plan an exploratory visit to Saint John beforehand? Then The Saint John Newcomers Centre is your first point of contact!


If you are planning an Exploratory Visit to the Greater Saint John area,  please get in touch with: 

Lina Gharbiya
E-mail: lina.gharbiya@sjnewcomers.ca
Telephone: 506.502 3037

Voulez-vous des services en français? Cliquez ici pour savoir comment planifiez une visite exploratoire en français!

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