Newcomers Bring Value

Contrary to a once popular belief, newcomers are not a burden to the community, but a benefit to it. The sooner they are able to integrate into the community, the sooner they start contributing in meaningful ways. This is where we come in - supporting a quick and smooth integration into a new environment!

Newcomers do bring value, and not only of the cultural and social kind. There's a tangible economic value associated with the newcomers, outlined below: 

- Between 2011 and 2016 the population of Canada increased by 1.7 million people. About 1 million of them were immigrants. That is, in the past 5 years two in every three new Canadians came from abroad.

- Population increase plays a crucial role in sustainable economic development. Thanks to the inflow of immigrants, Canada leads the G7 group of countries in population growth: we are ahead of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

- Statistics Canada estimates that by 2046, Canada’s growth is expected to be driven almost entirely by migration, owing to low fertility rates and an ageing population.

- According to Statistics Canada, over half of recent immigrants, who arrived in Canada between 2011 and 2016, have a Bachelor's degree or higher. And one in every six new immigrants has a Master's degree or a doctorate. This is much higher than the number of educational degrees among more established immigrants or Canadian-born population.

- If you take 500 fastest growing private companies in the U.S., every fifth among their CEOs is an immigrant. Overall, immigrant-owned businesses in the United States generate about US$ 775 billion in annual sales, and pay about US$ 126 billion in annual salaries to Americans. (Source: Inc. business magazine)

- One in every three Nobel Prizes ever won by the U.S. was won by an immigrant.

- Apple, AT&T, BlackBerry, Capital One, Colgate, Dropbox, DuPont, eBay, Eventbrite, Evernote, Google, Instagram, Intel, Jawbone, Kraft, McDonalds, PayPal, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Qualcomm, SanDisk, SpaceX, Sun Microsystems, Tesla, The Huffington Post, Tinder, Uber, WhatsApp, Yahoo, YouTube - these and many other companies were founded by immigrants or the children of immigrants.

- A "unicorn" is a slang term used by investors for a start-up company valued at over US$1 billion. They call them unicorns for being as rare as those mythical animals. According to a study done in 2016, more than half of all the unicorns were founded by immigrants.

- Immigrant-founded companies are in every industry across the Fortune 500 list. See below a chart with a detailed breakdown by sector. (Source:

Immigrant-founded companies are in every industry across the Fortune 500 list

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