On arrival: first things first

The first days, weeks and even months after you arrive in a new country can be very stressful. Our role is to assist you in the settlement process, making it as smooth and stress-free as possible. Settlement organizations, like ours, are in place to help newcomers connect to their new community so that they can be successful in life and work.


We recommend that you review the post-arrival lists below and carefully follow them for a successful settlement in Greater Saint John!


Upon your arrival in Saint John, you may need to contact the following organizations:

Service Canada Centre in Saint John - to obtain your Social Insurance Number (SIN), and for other federal services.

Service New Brunswick - to apply for your government health insurance (Medicare), New Brunswick driving license, and for other provincial services.

Anglophone South School District (ASD-S) - to enrol your kid(s) in the anglophone school system.

District scolaire francophone Sud - to enrol your kid(s) in the francophone school system.


If you will be using public transport, please check Saint John Transit website for information on bus routes, schedules and fares.

If you're new to the Canadian bus system, see our Introduction to Saint John bus system for newcomers.

If you plan to be driving a car, make sure you familiarize yourself with New Brunswick Driver's Handbook. A print copy of the Handbook is available from Service Brunswick, the price is around $5 per copy.


Depending on your status and plans, you may need to start looking for a job soon after you arrive in Saint John.

A good database of open vacancies in New Brunswick is NBjobs.ca. The website also has some useful resources helping you develop your career.

Other popular online job banks in Canada include Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBeacon and Magnet

Regular workshops on writing a resume, job interview skills and career planning are offered by The Work Room programme.

And please don't forget that in Canada the most effective method for finding a job is via networking. According to some estimates, up to 80% of all vacancies are not publicised, and the candidates for them are found via professional networks. Do use all the opportunities to build your network: by participating in programs like ONB Connects, attending social events, and volunteering in the community.


If you plan to move your business to New Brunswick or set up a business venture here, get in touch with Opportunities NB and Envision Saint John: The Regional Growth Agency. Their experts can offer some valuable guidance and support.

Another useful program is the entrepreneur development program, with Economic Development Greater Saint John, which aims to help newcomer entrepreneurs launch their business in the province.


And last but not least: the weather in Canada can be full of risks, for locals and newcomers alike. We recommend that you study this Hazards and Emergencies guide by the Government of Canada, to keep yourself and your family safe from day one.

Have a smooth and easy settlement in our wonderful city!

Saint John, New Brunswick

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