SJNC Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Logo Usage

Our logo is the cornerstone of our brand identity, and should be used consistently across all our materials. When using our logo, make sure it is always displayed in a manner that is consistent with our brand identity.

Please do not edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure the SJNC logo.

Main SJNC Logo  Colored Background 


Colored Background

Color Palette

Our brand is represented by a unique color palette. Please use these colors to ensure consistency and brand recognition.


C80 M10 Y65 K0
R14 G166 B128
Pantone Green C


C0 M5 Y100 K0
R255 G230 B0
Pantone 803 C


C0 M100 Y100 K0
R237 G28 B36
Pantone 485 C


C100 M55 Y0 K0
R0 G108 B183
Pantone 285 C


C0 M60 Y100 K0
R245 G130 B32
Pantone 1575 C


C100 M95 Y0 K0
R41 G56 B150
Pantone 2736 C


Our logo and brand identity are rooted in the core fonts we’ve chosen. When using type, please make sure to stick to our chosen fonts to maintain a consistent look and feel across all our materials.

Typography Guideline

Image Usage

Images play an important role in conveying our message. When selecting images for our materials, please make sure to choose images that are relevant and consistent with our brand identity.

image-example 1   

Voice and Tone

Our brand is built on a foundation of trust and integrity. When communicating with our customers, please use language that is professional, friendly, and informative.

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