Support to Newcomers

New Brunswick is Canada's only officially bilingual province. This is why we offer specialized settlement services in both official languages for newcomers to Saint John.

Our Settlement Advisors will guide individuals and families by creating a settlement plan that addresses their specific needs and immigration status. Additionally, they will recommend attending one of our many programs and events that will connect newcomers to the local community and foster positive integration into their new home.

Services, programs, and events include:

Resource Centre:  Newcomers who have recently arrived can access our printing and photocopying services to help process the post-arrival paperwork, print out resumes and references, as well as access a wide range of information resources on various aspects of life in Saint John. The Centre is free to use, and our staff is always happy to offer assistance and advice.

Useful Noon Hour: A series of information sessions held during the noon hour. Sessions provide information on the practical aspects of life in Saint John and orientation to community services.

Wellness Café: Join us for group sessions about wellness, coping, and more with our settlement advisors and mental health care professionals.

Canadian Citizenship Classes: Study for your Canadian Citizenship test with us! Our classes are organized to help you complete a series of multiple-choice and true or false practice tests that will prepare you for your Citizenship test.

Workshops: To prepare newcomers for life and work in Saint John, we offer workshops targeting specific skill sets. We offer Cultural Competency workshops to the local community year-round, for more information click here.

Conversation Groups: French and English conversation groups are offered on a weekly basis. We offer a casual environment for newcomers to practice their language skills in their official language of choice. 

Exploratory Visits: We host exploratory visits for business owners and both anglophone and francophone immigrants who are planning on moving to New Brunswick. Contact us before you arrive in the province so we can help plan your visit and refer you to the right people and organizations. At this time we are recommending you review the following information before booking your Exploratory Visit, click here.

Events: CultureFest, Green BBQ, Multicultural Day, Canada Day, Immigration Week, Christmas party, Francophone week, Acadian Day, Piments et sirop d’érable-Spice and Maple Syrup (in partnership with ARCf), Halloween pumpkin carving, Francophone Immigration Day, bus tours for the francophone community, Super Saturday Social (in partnership with Future Ready New Brunswick)  [Please note some of the programs are not available at this time due to COVID-19]

Tax Clinic: Offered every year between the months of March and April, in partnership with the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program.

Employment Supports: Employment supports for newcomers are available through our Settlement Advisors. Newcomers have access to a suite of tools that assist newcomers in selecting Canadian employment opportunities based on competencies. 


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