Support to Syrian newcomers

Saint John has welcomed around 600 Syrian refugees. Proportional to population, our city is one of Canada’s top urban destinations for refugee settlement efforts. For comparison, on a per-capita basis, Saint John has absorbed three times more Syrian refugees than Toronto.

The Newcomers Centre is one of the leading organisations supporting the integration of Syrian refugees into the local community.

Our services for the Syrian newcomers include:

- Interpretation and translation support for families.

- Help with enrolling children in the francophone school system.

- On-going series of information sessions on the wide range of topics: Canadian culture, the practicalities of life in Canada, healthy nutrition, how to deal with bullying among kids, how to cope with the stress of adaptation in a new country, fire safety, Internet safety and so on.

- Computer class for beginners and workshops on electronic communication.

- Social and cross-cultural activities for Syrian newcomers for better integration into Saint John community.

- Open air activities, allowing Syrian newcomers to experience Canadian summer and winter sports.

- Francophone summer camps for children (in partnership with Samuel-de-Champlain school).

- Educational trips and other cultural awareness events and activities.


For more details about our services for the Syrian community in Saint John please get in touch with 
Samah El MaghlawySyrian Project Coordinator,, tel. 506.642.1134

Samah El Maghlawy

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